Our Custom Work Order tells us what and how you like things done in your home. We personally meet with you in your home with the result being the creation of a Custom Work Order that your working supervisor brings with them each time to ensure 100% satisfaction, guaranteed. Did you know that we do not have to do every room every time or do rooms in their entirety? We can do something as simple as floors and bathrooms or the whole house or something in between. Our Custom Work Orders are designed for YOU by YOU.


We can come to your home every week, every other week (the most popular) or once a month. For those looking for a spring cleaning or a one time cleaning, as when moving, getting ready for a party or cleaning up after the party, we want your business too.


We typically furnish our own green eco-friendly products and equipment with use of the Shaklee, Get Clean line. The products we use can help avoid chemical based reactions and allergy triggers in adults, children and pets. However, if there's a product or supply you prefer us to use and it's available, we would be happy to use it.

Every cleaning visit by your Housework, Etc. team includes the following services:

Throughout your home

  • We dust furniture (polish if needed), knickknacks (we move to dust), wall hangings or picture frames, light fixtures, fans, etc.
  • We maintain woodwork, including baseboards, chair rails, window/door frames, paneled walls and paneled doors when present
  • We vacuum, wash or damp dust all the floors (edge carpeted rooms if requested)
  • We remove cobwebs (high and low), fingerprints, nose prints and water spots
  • We maintain air vents
  • We vacuum furniture upon request
  • We empty wastebaskets

In your kitchen

  • We perform general dusting and cob-web removal to include the kitchen table and chairs
  • We sanitize and clean counters and sinks (we even move kitchen counter items)
  • We spot clean cabinet fronts
  • We clean and shine appliances, including the inside of the microwave
  • We vacuum and wash the floors

In your bathroom

  • We perform general dusting and cobweb removal
  • We clean and sanitize bathtubs and showers (including shower doors when present)
  • We clean and sanitize toilets in, out and all around
  • We clean vanities, sinks and fixtures
  • We maintain mirrors and light fixtures
  • We vacuum and wash the floors

In your laundry room

  • We perform general dusting and cobweb removal
  • We clean the tops of the washer and dryer (if accessible)
  • We clean the laundry tub
  • We vacuum and wash the floors

Additional services

  • We can wash walls, woodwork and reachable light fixtures
  • We can change linens or just make up beds, even start the laundry
  • We can also clean the inside of the refrigerator upon request


Housework, Etc. backs all work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with any area we’ve cleaned, call within 24 hours and we’ll come back and do it over for FREE.

Did You Know? There is a connection between our health and the use of everyday common household cleaners? Pollutants are found at levels 2 to 5x higher inside our home than outside.
Learn about our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products.
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